What makes us special?
No Monthly Charges
Pay per delivery and you are done! No additional charges.
Pay less
We are the only company that offers affordable pricing.
Free Tablet and Setup
We will provide you a tablet that you will be using to request for a driver.
Cancel Anytime
You can cancel any time you want. No canceletion fee!

Device features

Our latest technology allows you to keep requesting as many drivers as you need and track all the details you need regarding orders such as pickup time, delivered time, driver's picture, name, phone number. As well as, the device also allows you track every details regarding your business and relationship with Deliberr.

Electronic Signature

No more old school style pen and paper, impact your customers. Our latest technology also allows you to keep your Customer's Signature in Our Secure Servers. Boost efficiency with Electronic Proof of Delivery.

Real Dispatchers

Our delivery team comprises of real dispatchers who know the city, its quickest routes and with a solid understanding of customer satisfaction.

Just Delivery

We only focused on helping restaurants to get their food delivered on time. We provide you with as many professional drivers as your restaurant needs in order to meet your customer's demand for food delivery. Just Food Delivery nothing else!

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